Top Advantages of Hiring a Solicitor When Buying or Selling a Property

Buying or selling a property in the UK can take several months. After an offer on a home is made, you must deal with surveys and all the legal requirements that come with transferring ownership of a home.

For both the buyer and the seller, a qualified solicitor can make the entire process a lot less complicated. Before making an offer on a home or putting your home up for sale, you should explore the advantages of hiring an experienced lawyer.

Solicitors Deal with the Legal Paperwork

If you are buying a property, solicitors handle the paperwork and help you understand all the costs related to your purchase.

Besides obtaining a mortgage, there are many costs involved in buying a property. You may need to pay a mortgage valuation fee, survey fee, stamp duty land tax, land registry fee, and mortgage lender fees.

First-time home-buyers often overlook some of these fees. A solicitor not only handles the paperwork, they also help you understand the home-buying process and how these fees are applied to your purchase.

Solicitors Can Conduct Property Searches

A thorough property search is another benefit of hiring an experienced solicitor when you are buying a property. Solicitors can perform a property search to learn more details about the home, including the potential flood risk, development plans in the area, and other details that may impact the value of the property.

A solicitor may advise you to lower your offer on the property to reflect the problems discovered during a property search. Without this search, you may be left in the dark about key issues that impact the quality of your new home.

Hiring a Solicitor When Selling Your Property

While some home-sellers may attempt to handle the conveyancing process on their own, hiring a solicitor is always recommended. Many of the benefits provided by a solicitor when buying a property also apply to home sellers. When selling a property, a solicitor can walk you through the process.

Selling a property requires you to obtain your deeds and prepare a contract for sale. You may also need to request a settlement for your mortgage and communicate with the solicitor hired by the buyer. These are details that a solicitor can assist with, helping you through the steps needed to sell your property.

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